T-shirts by Chestees are funny original screen-printed t-shirts.
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Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass! It’s Back!

Save Big Bird

C’mon and buy it. Your Christmas bonus this year should cover it.

Buy “Kiss my ass, kiss his ass, kiss your ass”

Save Big Bird

Save Big Bird

Mitt Romney will never take our Biggest Bird!

Save our Big Bird

Star Wars Support Our Troops Stormtrooper

support our troops storm trooper star wars
You’re either with us…or against us.

Get the Star Wars Support Our Troops Storm Trooper shirt

Autographed ‘FIRED’ DVD Giveaway!

We’re shipping this autographed “Fired” DVD to somebody tomorrow! That’s right! Tomorrow! REBLOG THIS POST in the next 24 hours (and add your email), and we’ll randomly choose the winner at 1:00pm EST on Tuesday. Just be sure to include your email address so we can contact you.

And as always, you can still watch “Fired” — our 30 minute special — at CollegeHumor, or in HD on YouTube. And, of course, you can buy the DVD from BustedTees as well! Good luck!

Keep Calm and Kerry Collins On Shirt

It’s time to buck up and move on from Peyton Manning. Let’s all join hands, sing a hymn and pray for Kerry Collins as he leads the Colts to a 6-10 season.

Get the Keep Calm and Kerry On shirt

Lebron James Left His Talents in Cleveland

That’s what you get when you hire non-certified movers. You’re guaranteed to be missing a few boxes.

Get the Left My Talents in Cleveland shirt

Charlie Sheen – You’ve been warned

Duh, winning. This shirt is gnarly and you know it. It’s a t-shirt rock stars from Mars wear while doing 7-gram rocks.

Get the Winning Charlie Sheen Shirt

Opulence, I Has It DirectTV Commercial with the Tiny Giraffe

Opulence, you can has it. If you can’t afford a miniature giraffe (and few can), then get the next best thing – the Chestees Tiny Giraffe t-shirt. Gold ink printed on red.

Get the DirectTV Opulence Tiny Giraffe Shirt

Gordon Gekko Green is Good Shirt

Printed on unisex regular fit eco-heather s/s p.e. tee. made with eco-heather, a uniquely imperfect blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and naturally occurring rayon.

Did you know Gordon Gekko was an environmentalist? It’s true! He pleaded with stockholders to turn their company green. It was a moving speech…I’m surprised you don’t remember it.

Get Gordon Gekko’s Green is Good Shirt

Kenny Powers Autograph T-Shirt

Eastbound and Down starts season 2 Sept. 26 and we can’t wait!

Make sure you get your official autographed Kenny Powers t-shirt.

Get Kenny Powers’ Autograph Shirt

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